Many SMEs are not aware that there is an alternative way of recruiting beyond the use of conventional recruitment agencies. This alternative is referred to as in- or outsourcing of the recruiting process to a recruitment partner, which is a great fit for an SME or Start-up. How will you benefit and how does such a process work?

With an external recruitment partner involved, you get access to external recruiting resources and additional expertise for the required duration or a specific project phase. You have the choice of the following two options:

  1. The recruitment partner acts on behalf of the company and not as a supplier (recruitment agency). This process is called «Recruitment Process Insourcing RPI»
  2. The recruitment partner acts on his behalf for the company, which also allows a covert search. This Process is called «Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO».

The partner can work directly in the company on-site or he can provide the services externally. If you involve a recruitment partner, you not only benefit from the actual recruiting process, but also from a holistic approach (Recruiting, Cultural Fit, Leadership, Onboarding, Employer Branding and Retention). This approach significantly contribute to strengthen the employer brand, thus leading to a positive impact on the entire company.
The recruitment partner works on an hourly fee creating full cost transparency. You can rely on planned resources, you stay flexible and scalable and you pay only for work done effectively. And last but not least, you profit from significantly better conditions than conventional high mandate and agency fees that are based on annual salaries.

When does it make sense to involve a recruiting partner?

The insourcing or outsourcing of a recruitment partner for a certain period makes sense for 4 reasons:

Resources, time factor, candidate market, expertise


  • Internal HR resources are limited
  • You do not want to hire additional staff
  • The option of a recruitment mandate or agency is too expensive

Time Factor

  • A large number of employees or an executive manager must be recruited within a short period of time

Candidate Market

  • The search via advertisement and classic job platforms was not successful
  • You need additional support for the active sourcing and targeted approach of employees in the passive candidate market
  • We support you in the promotion and strengthening of your employer brand


  • You need additional competence and experience for your recruitment campaign

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